Thursday, May 24, 2018

Top Number 4

Crazy.  One tablecloth and four tops is all that I've managed so far this year.  Where has my sewing time gone? 

This is the lighter blue knit that arrived in the last indulgence.  In a modified Hot Patterns LaStrada top, after church last Sunday:

I pretty seriously hacked that pattern, fit-wise, but it's been brought to heel. One of these days I'll get it written up for Pattern Review.
  This is not my best color,  but with a topper over it it's not bad.

We went straight from a long, lingering winter to a full-on summer in about a week.  I'm finding myself looking for cool tops...the A/C in the old school building that is now our church is taking a while to get up to speed.

It's a long weekend; maybe I'll get some sewing done.
Or maybe I'll do another project that 's urgent.

Or maybe I'll make ice cream and hang out with family.

We'll see.


  1. I think I’ve wandered here a few times and enjoy your blog. Your blog list is astounding and has been a pleasant part of my night shift tonight!