Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Steeling my nerve....It's Time...

After a  crazy couple of months getting ourselves moved into a facility-in-renovation and getting enough of it functional to hold Sunday and Wednesday services, our leadership has done an amazing thing:  Everybody on staff is getting a week off.  Not all at once; we've been split into 4 groups, with  1/4 getting a break so 3/4 of the staff is on hand over 4 weeks.

My turn is next week; I've got enough hours in this week that I can leave around noon tomorrow; offices are always closed on Friday.

And my hubby has a camping event this weekend.


This is the weekend I tackle the sewing room.

I'm ready for some order.

I can do this.

Um.  Yeah.

I'll post before and after when it's done, lol.


  1. It will be so worth doing. Take plnty of breaks.

  2. Good luck! Think of all the fun treasures you'll discover! (well... could be that's just me. I know I would if I ever cleaned my fiber room.)

    1. LOL! I'm just hoping to find some things that have disappeared...they gotta be out there someplace!

      My hubby came down with a nasty respiratory bug and didn't go on the camping trip; that has pushed me back from my original timeline considerably...
      Don't think I'll get it done by tomorrow night, which was my goal. Now I'm just hoping to get it finished before my break is up...