Sunday, September 24, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 9.24.17

September colors are black, white and gold, so I went with Black and White and gold earrings/necklace.

But it's all old stuff...the most recent edition to the wardrobe is the black ponte McCall's 6844 cardigan, which I made for SWAP last year.  The striped sleeveless/cowl-less Loes Hinse Cowl top and the modified black stretch twill La Fred Daphne pants have both been in the closet for years and years.

And the glasses are still tinted because I'd just come into the house.  It was a busy day; we were only home about 30 minutes to eat and then back out the door again.

Still haven't heard what colors we're going to wear for October...hopefully it's something already in the closet because I'm not going to have time to get anything made this week....

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