Thursday, October 20, 2016

How'd it get to be Thursday already?

November colors: burnt orange, spicy mustard, warm taupe and brown.

I managed to finish the two Marci Tilton/Vogue 9057 tops I'd cut out but it didn't work out like I had planned...

I had a goldish (it will sort of work for spicy mustard) rayon/poly blend knit in the stash for the next time we had to wear that shade of yellow, and I had a lovely heathery brown knit that I'd been saving to make a funky tunic top for ever so long, so I thought I'd do that set w/ the 3/4 length sleeve hem-slanted-right top from the brown and the tank-top-hem-slanted-left from the gold and wear them layered.


The gold fabric really doesn't have a lot of stretch in it.  The brown has a wonderful liquidy drapey stretch and looks great but the gold...clings to the brown and looks too small over it.  And somehow, despite the fact that I faced the neckline instead of using a band, the tank neckline is higher than the brown top, which looks weird.

So I'm either wearing them with the yellow on the bottom...or separately.

Sunday I went with separately.  The Jalie 2566 Cardigan I'm wearing over the, spicy mustard... top is actually the same knit from which the yet-unworn brown top is made.   The photographer did not alert me to the fact that the cardi was kinda shifted around...I need to train my camera operators just a little better, I think.

Dark wash skinny jeans under it all; some orangey jewelry to throw in a bit of one of the other colors and it worked for Sunday.  Even though I actually should never wear that shade of

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