Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Haz Mat Warning

I finished the last of the sheep costumes this morning...I really had to make myself do it, dress rehearsal is tonight.  That fleecy stuff does  not just generate feathery debris, I found; it also generates  very fine, almost invisible, fiber coating on EVERYTHING.  ( I didn't take any more photos, but you can refer to my last post for an idea of what I was dealing with)

After coughing and hacking and feeling kinda bronchitis-y I wised up and tied an old rag over my nose and mouth to cut down on the fibers I inhaled.  I wish I'd had a set of goggles...my eyes are itchy and red and irritated. I'm on antibiotic eye drops, because there was a problem that really started before I got the fleece, but it has gotten aggravated as I've worked through the costumes.

But they are done; I used about 1/2 the sheets on a lint roller to get the fiber off the cutting board (at least it doesn't feel slick now) and vacuumed the carpet...and most everything else in a 3 foot radius of the cutting table.  This may move the 'clean and organize the sewing nook' project up the priority list...right now, I can't even vacuum in there (bein' honest here...).

So...should you be called upon to make sheep costumes with the admittedly perfect-for-the-garment curly fiber fleece...take appropriate care....

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood sewing blogger...


  1. Oh dear that sounds nasty! I made some Cardigan jackets from a faux fur blanket and where I cut out in the bedroom looked like I'd murdered a teddy bear or something. I vacuumed it up from the carpet but there's still bits of it stuck to the bedding, curtains etc. A steam inhumation may help clear your passages.

  2. I hope you are recovering from the fleece attack! I had fabric that shed nearly invisible fibers like that, I ended up tossing it, not only was it a pain in the nose (and elsewhere), it also didn't sew well or take to pressing at all.