Sunday, November 29, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 11/29/15

November's colors:  black, gray and burgundy.

On the finished porch!  By the charmingly pathetic retro aluminum Christmas tree! Who cares what I'm wearing? LOL

But...because it's the sewing blog and all...burgundy slinky Textile Studio Monaco Shell,  Gray rayon jersey Sewing Workshop Ann's Cardigan and black Lee jeans.

Some one (at church, no less!) happened to ask if I were sporting University of Alabama colors.

Um...that would be a big fat NO.

November choir colors.  Ahem.  One of my favorite combos, actually.  Such a shame it gets confused with other intentions...

Happy 1st Sunday in Advent!!


  1. That's a great outfit. But that retro aluminum tree is the bomb! My grandma had one and I wonder what happened to it. Enjoy that beautiful tree in that lovely finished porch. g

    1. LOL! You wouldn't believe how many people have said, 'My grandmother had one of those!' Which is, of course, the whole reason I wanted one...because my grandmother had one...:-)