Friday, July 31, 2015

Why do I do this to myself?

The spare bedroom.  I use it for my cutting space...but it has kind of turned into secondary fabric storage.  Now, this is NOT just the fabric that has accumulated in the last 3 ish's also fabric that I have pulled out of the bins in the for-real stash storage area in anticipation of cutting out projects  in the last 3-ish years.

But I needed to clean the closet out because I've got to stash some other stuff in it, as the adult-kids-living-elsewhere can't seem to find space for their stuff and we're about to start some renovation again so It Must Move.  So all the accumulated/pulled out fabric had to get corralled  and rebinned.

Y'all.  This is no way to run a railroad.  I can't even think about what I want to do with all that.

I sorted it out and rebinned it...mostly; the silk bin and the printed cotton bin were both full, so I had to figure out something else to do with the overflow.  And I did leave a few pieces out because I am determined to turn them into clothes for the closet.

But the truth is that I have had a real come-to-Jesus-moment regarding the fabric stash.

And I have decided that I am adding nothing to the stash for a year.  Nothing.

Now, that does not mean I won't buy any fabric at all...but it does mean that anything that I buy has to be sewn up at once.  So that allows for emergencies, like a costuming project, but by and large...I'm going to try to use the stash.

I mean, that's why it's there.

So...between now and my birthday in July 2016...I'm going to be shopping the stash.

There.  I said it out loud, with witnesses.

Here goes.


  1. Have fun with that! I've actually stuck to my promise to use stash or immediately use what I buy new. Haven't used up a tremendous amount of stash but I think I've used about 20 yards total this summer. Which sounds impressive but doesn't really make a dent!

    1. Hey...20 yards this summer is nothing to sneeze at! If you sew 20 yards each season, that's 80 yards in a year! You go!

  2. Lisa I have taken this exact same stance this year. Until last week I bought only three pieces of fabric which I sewed up immediately. It stopped me buying fabric until last week. I had to take my daughter to an exam in a country town 2 hours away and I rarely go there .i had 3.5 hours to spare . I looked at a thrift shop and 8 pieces of beautiful fabric from fine tropical wool , silky soft rayon, dotted swiss floral , silk cotton etc. I am feeling a bit guilty about this but will try to sew up at least three pieces soon to stick to my promise. Good luck. I know I had been feeling better about my fabric stash ( until last week :).

  3. I have been shopping my stash since Jan. 1 of this year, and its not hard to do and actually quite rewarding. I have limited my self if I do have to urge to buy new fabric it has to be 1: something that is a must for a project and 2: something that does not look like what I have in my stash. Best of luck and you can do it!

  4. I've been shopping my stash, too. Actually, It's my stash plus the stashes I inherited from my mom and hubby's grandmother. I've been making a dent so I don't have as much to eventually pass on to my kids. Three of my four girls already sew, and my boys are used to having stuff sewn. I hope they marry women who sew. Maybe the stash divided won't look soooo big. Lol