Sunday, June 07, 2015

Blast off!

Whew.  Long day...and three more coming.

But we successfully finished the data entry before the end of the evening, so I feel pretty confident that we'll be able to do it all on Wednesday when it must be done before the bad guy repents and the ice cream melts...

With The Actor, who is a member of the Omega Squadron, codenamed Owl, who is wearing the shirt I made to wear in the pirate-themed crusade ten years ago.  You can see the  'punking up' I did to the brown suit.  Not extreme, but it worked really well alongside the others.    The children's sanctuary where we were doing our data entry got progressively cooler as the night went on; I was really warm as things were cranking up but by the time we finished I was glad of the jacket.

And then I went to the sanctuary where everyone was waiting for the final points announcements and the final assignments for tomorrow.   Where it was quite warm.

I left my costume pieces kinda spread out in my office to air out before I have to put them on again tomorrow. 

The kids are having a ball.  And I think the grownups are, too. ;-)

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