Friday, November 02, 2012

I Won a Prize!

I still haven't managed to sit down and do a lick of sewing or pattern tracing or ANYTHING in the past way too long, but I do have a teeny bit of sewing news to report.

Jan hosted a little giveaway last week; normally I don't enter giveaways but the item she was going to ship to a lucky commenter was something I'd dreamed of finding somewhere...a ruler designed to add seam allowances to curvy pattern pieces.

So I left a little comment and, lo and behold, she drew my name!  The ruler arrived safely today, despite the fact that I'd had a brain hiccup when I emailed my address to her.  Didn't notice until she replied 'I put the ruler in the mail today', and I saw on the attached original email that I put my address down with the ZIP code of the house we used to live, 8 years ago.  We lived there for more than 20 years, but still...I told her if it came back, I would send a check for the postage. Feeling very foolish.

But the USPS surprised me, and if I could, I'd take a batch of home made cookies to whoever marked out the wrong ZIP and wrote the correct one. 

Here's the little beauty:
I'm so glad Claire had the wherewithal to manufacture this!  I have wished for one ages.  Thanks to Claire for offering the rulers and Jan for hosting the giveaway and paying the postage on my ruler.  I am looking forward to giving it a soon as I can.

'Cause I am seriously missing my sewing time.  Besides, I hear the rules are posted for the 2013 Stitchers Guild SWAP contest and I am in sore need of some new wardrobe pieces.  I would LOVE to participate this year.  Maybe my new ruler will save so much time that I can actually git 'er done this year... ;-)


  1. Looks like a VERY useful tool ! Good on your post office to catch the error. Wow !

    ..and thanks for your response to my email - I had no trouble getting in today, and I had to go back to beginning of Sep to catch up. I haven't done much sewing either - life is just getting in the way LOL :-)

    1. least you didn't have to go back too many posts to get to September! I have sewn...two, count' em, two...tops since Sept 1. I am having withdrawal symptoms... ;-)

  2. I've never done the SWAP over at Stitcher's Guild, but I'm tempted for the next one. I desperately need new clothes! I've (ahem) lost about 40 lbs over the past 6 months and have been walking around looking like an orphan most of the time this fall. :D

    That ruler is envious. Now I want one. Dang.

  3. Sigh. Part of the reason that I need new clothes is the 10ish post-menopausal pounds that I have put on that I can't seem to get to go anywhere for any length of time. I've just got to face up to the fact that most of my things are just unacceptably small....and make something that doesn't feel quite so sausage-casing.

    Just until I actually get with the program and work on losing the weight. It'll take six months; gotta quit stopping after 6 weeks...

    I found out that this particular design is being discontinued; that's why they were given away. She's got other rulers on her website that have a straight edge connecting the end of the tight curve to the other end; that looks very useful too!