Sunday, April 03, 2011

Adding Salmon

I don't show a single finished project for March...but the truth is, I had 4 garments done to hems/buttons as of 3/31. The white twill blouse is still waiting on buttons, but I threaded up my sewing machine w/a double needle and finished the three salmon knit pieces on Friday and Saturday: a pattern I'd not yet made, an old favorite and a little creative play with a pattern I've made before.

The new pattern is the shell top from Simplicity 2603

It's a little big; that's my fault for not checking the pattern sizing. I seem to have *assumed* a Medium was 12 - 14...and it's a 14 - 16. I can't believe I didn't check it, but, well, those things happen. So, yeah,it's a little big. But it's a drapey top to be worn under a jacket or cardigan anyway; I think I can get away with it for now. I'll trim it down a bit for the next iteration.

Next up is one of my favorite knit top pattens, Jalie 2682.

I dropped that empire seamline about half an inch and I think it's a little better. Both of those pieces were made from some extra-wide rayon jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Finally, I have a Jalie 2919 cardigan that I played with just a bit, from a slightly beefier rayon/lycra blend from Fabric Mart.

We have a handful of folks who sing backup on microphones in front of the regular choir folks; one very chic young lady has a knit cardigan with a little bit of a godet in the back and she has stood in front of me two or three time wearing that cardi. I was intrigued by the godet and decided to give it a try.

So I traced a new back piece, and added a seam allowance (and, while I was at it, a hint of shaping in the upper back) and a nice little fishtail at the bottom for a little swingy godet in the back.

And, since I was playing anyway, I borrowed the button tab from my other current project, Louise Cutting's OOP Town and Country Camp Shirt and lengthened it a bit; I also shortened the sleeve and widened it at the bottom just a pinch to get the cool little buttoned-up-sleeve.

Two other ladies on the worship team today had on knit cardigans with the same little sleeve detail. I was shocked at my trendiness. ;-)

So I've had a fairly productive April already... ;)


  1. Lisa, love that cardigan. So stylish.

  2. I know why you keep making that Jalie top...because it fits you so well!!! Love the changes you made to the cardigan too!

  3. You look great in all of these. I have a question. What do people in your choir do if they can't or don't sew? It seems as if they would have to have a lot of clothes because of all the color changes each month. Does that stop anyone from being part of the choir? Just wondering. Our choir wears robes, so they can have on just about anything underneath.

  4. Well, our colors usually contain a basic that most folks will have or can easily obtain; frequently black is one of the colors so many folks ('specially the guys) just wear black. Also, we have several months in which the colors are the same every year (Oct-Nov-Dec) so those don't have to be replaced all the time. Also some of the colors repeat, although not necessarily in the same month each month, we're wearing the same thing we wore in March last year. This month we can wear the salmon color and/or silvery gray and/or navy blue with blue jeans. I have a couple of navy things and I probably could've made do w/o sewing new stuff...but the salmon is very fresh looking; it's also easy to find in the stores right now.

    I like it when we get enough notice that I can actually order some fabric and get things made up in time to wear. I've got a few pieces in the stash that I ordered and then didn't get around to sewing up in time...they're waiting on the color to come 'round again. ;-)

    Sounds crazy, but when we began videotaping/live streaming of the services we found we needed some guidelines in color coordination so it didn't look like a riot. Robes have been mentioned from time to time when there's grumbling about the color scheme, but we stand up under hot lights for the entire worship portion of the service and NO ONE wants to sweat through it with a robe on... ;-)

  5. This is a good color for you! It is one I wear in the spring/summer, too. It is nice to be able to make this stuff up quickly.

    We don't color coordinate, except for Christmas, when we're asked to wear "Christmas colors". This for most people, is interpreted as red. Until the year I showed up in a bright green dress. Sigh. And I sit in the middle of the 80 person choir. LOL! We have seen more green in recent years.

  6. I wouldn't have added this color to my closet if it had not been for choir, but I think I like it. It's soft enough and rosy enough that I can get away with it... ;)

  7. You're a very gifted sewer!
    I can't sew, I've never been able to use the sew machine. but If I have to, I can sew by hand.

  8. I love all of these!!! And the color is great on you. Nice work, but you always produce really really nice work. :) One of my goals is to one day sew half as well as you do. :)

  9. Thanks for the reply. If people can wear the basic color by itself, I can see that that solves the problem, especially for the guys. I agree with Somerset that you look really good in this salmon color.