Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Camp

...and the dress fit.

We had a great weekend and the girls had a marvelous time. The honors ceremony was very pretty; the three girls from my class who graduated all pulled a joke on me. The Flute Player was the first one; as they're escorted in for the ceremony, a little biographical blurb is read, based on replies the girls wrote on a questionnaire about themselves and about their class. Her favorite part of class? "When her teacher would go on tangents or 'Rabbit trails' ". Two girls later, M. was escorted in. She put down that her favorite part of class was "When her teacher would go on tangents or 'Rabbit trails' ".
Finally, the last girl to go up on stage was K., and she had a long list of things she loved about Friends club, finished off with , "When her teacher would go on tangents or 'Rabbit trails' ".

I think I'm gonna need to get a little stuffed rabbit to put in our classroom as a mascot....
Now I need to get a shower and a nap!!! ;)


  1. She looks perfect! She looks grown up, but not too mature. The dress is just right - great job!

  2. Actually, she complained that the elastic in the sleeves was a bit snug; in hindsight, I treated it as if it were soft knitted elastic...and it was stiff braided elastic. So, yeah, I bet it was. I can fix that! ;)

  3. Lisa, your daughter looks lovely and, as Somerset mentioned, very appropriate. I am so happy to see that!