Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breathing a little

Last night was the last evening event...I've got time at night to do things now!

And, of course, among the 'things' I want to do is dust off the sewing machine.

I did get my muslin of the scoop-neck, raglan sleeved Burda magazine (can't say BWOF anymore, can we?) tshirt pattern put together. I raised the neckline considerably, and the first guess for the neckband length was too long, so I took the neckband off, shortened it 3" and put it back on.

It was still too long, and, in all honesty, the underarm is too low; raising my arms also raised the top. I was debating trying to fix it again, when I had a sudden and freeing thought:
This is a muslin!.
The fabric is off the buck-fifty table at Wal-Mart. So I can cheerfully toss it and try again.

I've adjusted the underarm on all but one of the pattern pieces; as soon as I can get the last one done I'll cut out another iteration.

But I have another project I want to do this weekend...

Silk charmeuse PJ's. Ordered the fabric way back in the spring when it was on sale for $5/yd so I could have some luxurious PJ's for Christmas. However, I hadn't figured on the Hot Flash Season hitting me; I'm not sure my Laura Petrie Jammies pattern will work right now. I really don't want to sweat up nice silk PJ's.

But...that *is* what I bought the fabric for...

gotta do 'em this weekend if I want 'em for Christmas!


  1. Ooof. I know what you mean. We have a concert at 8:00 this morning. Actually it is a music chapel, but it involves both children singing and play instruments. This is our last event for this week. Two more to go next week!

    Oh, get those pj's done! You will love them and they'll be a nice treat after a long day. If you have extra fabric, consider making a little camisole and maybe some little shorts so that you can switch out if the temps get to rising.

  2. If I had extra fabric, that's exactly what I'd do...but I've got 4.25 yds; if I remember right, that's just enough for a pair of classic PJ's. I *might* be able to squeeze one of my little TNT sleeveless shell tops out of it, if I'm very careful...