Sunday, August 02, 2015

Random Road Trip means simple Choir Wardrobing 8/2/15

My Sweet Baboo's brothers are both active sings with the 'Voices of California' chorus, which is based in Sacramento, and the other sings with the quartet 'New Found Sound' in Pennsylvania.

Well, this year the VoCal chorus (clever nickname, no?) attended the week-long Harmony University in Nashville, which was capped off with a showcase concert of sorts in which VoCal was one of the featured choruses.

So of course, we loaded up the van and took a quick road trip up to Belmont University campus for the event last night.  We could not pass up the opportunity to see a live performance.

It started at 8 PM.  Which was a good thing, really, as it meant we could wait for The Actor to get off work.  Prince Charming had some other things going on, so it was just the six of us in the van...which I don't think has happened since Christmas 2010.

Now, you know, we are probably the least musically talented branch of the family, but we can sing...sort of.  Church Choir, family Christmas Caroling...but this was a whole 'nuther level of musical exposure for the kids.  Most of the audience were HU participants; although it was open to the public, it was very much  a show celebrating the shared experience of the week, with lots of inside jokes.

There was even a bit of audience participation singing at the beginning and end.  'Let Me Call You Sweetheart' was led by an elderly gentleman that we met after the show when we were chatting with DBIL...who told him that we were 'non-barbershoppers'.  He dug in his shoulderbag and pulled out pins for all of us. 'You sang with me!' he said, passing them around.

It was an amazing evening; I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Bad jokes, wonderful music, and lots of standing ovations (seriously.  My quads are slightly sore today from the up-and-down.  And...embarrassing side I sat down after the first one, the back of my head kinda bounced against the pot belly of the guy behind me, who hadn't sat down yet.  After that, I checked and made sure he sat down before me...).  But on the way home, one of the boys commented, 'I think we've just been initiated into a cult....'

The show ended at 10:15;  it was 2:30 AM before I actually hit the hay, and we had to be at church at 8 AM this morning.  I just kinda pulled the first thing out of the closet that met this month's criteria...we're wearing black, gray and choral for August...and headed out the door.  No makeup, no contacts...but I was there. ;-)  And...I had a fresh appreciation for the gift of being able to sing, even if it's just in the middle of the choir.

Vogue 2925 coral rayon jersey top,  the hopefully-soon-to-be-replaced Jalie 2919 cardigan, slightly modified, and RTW jeans.  A great service with guest speaker Robert Madu.

All in all, a very good weekend.

Yawn.... ;-)


  1. Welcome to barbershop! What a wonderful post! One of the gals I sing with in a Very Large Quartet (13 members) was at Harmony U, as well, reporting that it was beyond wonderful.
    I joined Sweet Adelines (the women's barbershop org) when I retired. It has really boosted my ability to contribute to church choir, as well. And now every third project I sew seems to include sparkles. I very much appreciate your knit top reviews. Terri B"

    1. Go Terri! It certainly is its own little subculture, that's for sure! My Sweet Babboo's dad sang in a barbershop quartet for years; I guess it's in the family genes... ;-)