Thursday, July 02, 2015

Workwear 20

Just because I'm putting together stuff I have not put together before.

It's a really lame jump-in-front-of-the-timed-camera selfie.   But the Flute Player *still* has stuff from her move-back-home frenzy piled in  my usual jump-in-front-of-the-camera spot,  where I can set the camera on a shelf at approximately chest height.   

This photo was taken with the camera sitting on the porch railing, at about waist height.  So the angle looks a little weird.   But I'm wearing something that makes me happy...the guipure lace tank I purchased in Dallas last fall for a lower price than I could ever have bought the lace yardage.  It's over a navy bamboo/lycra jersey  Jalie 965 tank top with midnight navy tropical wool Sewing Workshop Plaza pants.  And my old CWC denim jacket, with the lapels turned up in what is supposed to be trendy hipness and just looks kinda strange...I don't think they ended up curled Just Right.  Messing with the camera and then moving quickly to get into place rarely ends with everything Just Right.  So I'll settle for ok. 
Haircut appointment next week to put the shape back in it.  Amazing how it goes from cute and curly to just bushy almost overnight...

Completely off-topic:  for years, I 've used Sitemeter to kinda track visits.  It doesn't give really good data, but I get an idea of whether or not I'm getting any traffic (I'm not going to say 'much'...'any' is good enough) and whether folks just click in and click out or if they actually read a page or two while they're here.  But lately it has been more and more useless.  For one thing, I think people are wising up and using software to hide their visits so they don't get tracked.  But Sitemeter itself has just been weird.  It's been down more than it's been up ('The data base for your site is not available now.  Try again in a few minutes')  and the numbers are whacko (176 page views in 3 seconds?  Really?).  So I'm about to ditch it, I think.  Can anyone recommend a similar service that seems to work that I can switch to?  Although, to be honest, I may be better off not knowing that no one visited for three days (that would be the other blog; this one usually as at least a dozen or so visits in a day.  I think. )


  1. No idea which visit tracker to use, but I wonder if they work when blogs are visited through blog readers? Personally, I use Bloglovin to visit the blogs I follow, and it'll show me when something new is posted. But since I visit through the blog reader, does it show up? Don't know....

    1. I don't think the feedburner visits show unless someone clicks through to the actual blog (which would be turning off the frame in Bloglovin, I think). But I think anyone who comments should show up, because they have to visit the actual site to do that. It really isn't that big of a deal; it's not like I'm monetized and need numbers to generate income. I just kinda like to know if anyone is reading. I've got 95 followers on Bloglovin' and 66 Blogger subscribers, although I think there's some overlap there. But that's for Sew Random. My other blog, Beer Lahai Roi, has 2 followers on Bloglovin and 11 subscribers on Blogger...I'm pretty much writing for myself over there. ;-)