Saturday, July 04, 2015

Just A-Swingin'....

 Cushion #1 finished.  I probably should've made it a little wider so that it would hang over the front a bit; it scoots back when anyone sits down.  But that's a minor issue.  I'm actually pretty pleased with it and it makes the swing MUCH more comfortable.

Credit where credit is due; I found this tutorial most helpful.  Only I put the zipper along the long back edge instead of on one end...two zippers, actually, that meet in the middle.  Worked great.

Next up:  cushions for the chairs 'round that table...


  1. Great cushion! Maybe I need one for my bench.

  2. Nice job for your first try! Thanks for sharing the blog tutorial, I was just thinking about this today about making a rocking chair cushion where I could insert a zipper to change out.