Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Unadorned Suit

Here's the steampunk costume with no steampunking yet.  The Jacket is Vogue 1132, and the skirt, well, I started w/ Folkwear's Walking Skirt and made it actually big enough to fit and, in a questionable move, added front inseam pockets, as there is no sideseam and the thought of making an entire outfit w/no pockets in it made me feel claustrophobic.  But I set them a bit low and they're not as invisible as I'd like.  Still, it would do to hold a kleenex in a pinch.

The jacket needs more structure.  There is interfacing in the collar, and on the front facing, and, with the shoulder pads, that's it.  I thought about adding more but given the time constraints and knowing that this jacket will not see much actual wear...costume not couture...I just went with the instructions.  Were I to actually make it for real life, I would interface the entire front and add a bit to the upper back and possibly put a floating shield in the front upper chest to eliminate the drapey business that shows up  in the photo.

And I would insist that the photographer make sure the pepblum is arranged nicely before photographing it.

We have no choir tomorrow; the set for the family event takes up the entire platform and there's nowhere for us to stand.    But I will hopefully have a photo of the whole outfit all costumed out for the data processing chief, Agent Abacus.


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    1. Aw...thanks, Faye! That's sweet! But I've got a little bit of funkifying to do to the ensemble.... ;-)