Monday, June 01, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 5/31/15

...a day late.  Yesterday was a jam-packed day; I barely managed to get a photo during the 90ish minutes we were at home.  And the light washed the color out completely; I thought I'd have a good photo of the lavender linen top but it just looks pale pink.

Oh well.

Lavender Herb, black and gray were the colors for May,
I have embroidered rayon/linen Stretch and Sew 704 pants, Vogue's 8305 cardigan in black rayon/lycra jersey and the Cutting Line Designs My Heart's AFlutter shell top from what is actually, really, lavender linen.

The last time I wore the cardigan, I pulled it off and got a glimspe of daylight showing through.  There were some places that the seams had popped (it's pretty stretchy) but the fabric is just honestly wearing out.  It's really thin in some places and some of those seam holes were fabric failure.  I did some quick and dirty mending on it but it is now on my 'replace asap' list...

The costume jacket is finished to the button and buttonhole.  I think I"m going to hit the skirt next before I switch up the setup on the sewing machine.

Or maybe I'll just pull out the Kenmore and make a substantial cam buttonhole...


  1. I like that cardigan! I can see why you'd wear it a lot! No offense, but are you shorter or is it just long? I never have that problem. I'm 5'11"! Hubby is 6'2". Hmm...that explains why my soon-to-be 15 yo son is 6'! 😉 you make a wide gamut of things! Such talent!! (Are you in a church choir?)

    1. Both...I'm 5'4" and the cardi is meant to be able to be wrapped up different ways. It is actually 2 - 3 inches shorter than the pattern because I was short on fabric. Sometimes I tie it up so that it's not so long, but that's too hot for the end of May.

      Yes, I'm a back row alto in the church choir...see the 'what's the choir wardrobe' post on the sidebar for an explanation. ;-)