Thursday, March 12, 2015

Work Wear 17

...Because today was an 'If you see it, I made it' kinda day...

I wanted to wear the new cotton voile scarf.  So I scrounged around in the closet to see what I had that would work today.

And I pulled out my original Sewing Workshop Thai Coat. which is a deep blue with white pindots.

At first, I put on a white T and jeans.  But it just didn't work...the slits on the side of the coat were high enough that the white t peeped out on the sides if I didn't tuck it in and, while jeans seem to go with most everything...they just didn't seem to be quite right.


I tried the tropical wool Sewing Workshop Plaza Pants...and they worked.

'Sympathetic' is the word May Martin uses on the Sewing Bee.

 And, as luck would have it, my navy cotton/lycra Jalie 2566 was hanging in the closet instead of in the laundry basket.

Column dressing, to be sure.

And the blues in the scarf pretty much worked with it all.  But that camera flash...sigh...

Oh well.  It was fun to wear.
Here's a look at the scarf;  I had two yards of the fabric and thought I could just split it in half lengthwise.  But I found that I needed to pay attention to those zig zags...and they got wider as the pattern moved across the fabric.  So I ended up cutting it a little less than half way across, and I used the side with the narrower zig zags.  Getting some practice using the narrow rolled edge foot... ;-)

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  1. This is a very elegant ensemble. Be sure to wear it again as it is quite flattering.