Sunday, March 08, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 3/8/15

This looks so uber casual...but the gray fabric sparkles...

Sewing Workshop Eureka, nuther review I need to write...from a really sheer, really sparkly, really devious to sew rayon jersey over a gray rayon/lycra jersey Jalie 965 tank top, with RTW Jeans.

And a navy blue necklace, 'cause the colors for March are gray, navy and 'Lucite Green'...which is the current Pantone-speak for 'mint'.

I actually ordered this fabric last fall specifically to make this top and, since we're wearing gray for three straight months, figured maybe I'd better get it done.

I did give the back of the top a little hi/lo action, with a downward swish that doesn't show at all in the photo  but made it more graceful, IMHO.

I'm not kidding when I say it was ghastly to sew.   Had to baby the serger big time to get it to even make a stitch on it.  The neckband...well, the fabric curled like a pillbug with the least amount of stretch, so the first attempt at the neckband didn't curled and skinnied and didn't even stretch enough to go on without puckers.

So I cut another one...wider and that it wouldn't disappear and I wouldn't have to stretch it so much.  It looked nicer from the stitching point of view, but it was too wide and long to lay flat on the neckline.

So my solution was to press the whole thing to the wrong side and topstitch it down. Worked great, and it doesn't matter that the neckline is too wide; I'm always going to wear it with an underlayer anyway.

I was really relieved to finish it...but now I'm enjoying its funky sparkle.  You may see this a lot in the next 3 months... ;-)

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  1. Sorry it was ghastly to sew but you sure do look cute! Y