Sunday, March 01, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 3/1/15

I really am kinda making myself do this tonight.

March's colors are Navy, Gray and 'Lucite Green' (from the Pantone colors for spring 2015).

I actually have something close to that shade of green, but it's a rayon tank top and it was chilly and rainy today and I wasn't ready to pull out spring clothes yet. So I went with the Navy and Gray options. ;-)

Only one piece of this outfit came from my own sewing room, although I will admit to doing a rather botched job of shortening the sleeves on the Evan Piccone jacket I bought at Penny's way longer ago than I can remember...

The top is a sleeveless version of Christine Jonson's Basewear Two top that's probably about 6 years old, made from some wonderful rayon/lycra knit that I would love to find again in more colors...and, you know, Lee or something jeans.

I've started work on another Sewing Workshop Eureka top, but the knit I'm using is sheer, with metallic threads, and it curls like crazy.  I totally messed up one neckband and took it off, and cut out another ...a little wider and a little see if it goes on any easier.

Doesn't help that the serger doesn't like it either.  I gave up on that and I'm using the conventional machine w/ a zig-zag on the neckband, as that's the only seam that actually has any stress on it.

I may even resort to hand basting.  That's how annoying that fabric is.

Hoping to get to muslin number two on the denim jacket plan this week, too.  If the weather reports are correct and we have another Winter Weather Event on Wed/Thur, it might get done. ;-)

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