Sunday, March 29, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 03/29 -- the Hasty Photographer edition.

I suppose I can't complain too much...we had professional portraits done back in of those fundraiser deals...and the lapel on my jacket was turned up in every picture exactly the same. 
Except we didn't notice it until AFTER we'd gotten home the whole package of photos we'd bought.

My Sweet Babboo was late for a meeting by the time we got home today; he snapped the picture and left, I went and changed clothes and ate lunch.  Then I pulled the photos off the camera and saw what he missed.

I almost didn't post them...then I thought, what the heck.  This is real life, y'all. ;-)

So...for a cold snap on the last day of 'lucite' green, navy and gray, here's what I wore...except I *think* the collar behaved itself better when in public:

Navy Cotton Jalie 2566T, with frankepatterned 3/4 length sleeves,  Burda 05-2009-108 vest, made from a poly/lycra matte -backed satin that the online vendor had labeled as charmeuse;  I made the vest with the matte side out and used the satin side for the collar.  It worked, but it was very unpleasant stuff to work with and it's rather cloying to wear; as a vest, it's bearable.  I tried to make a jacket from it and got a very bad wadder.  The scarf is a remnant from the same fabric that I used for the tank top that I intended to wear today, but as it was 31 degrees when we left the house I reverted to the wintery version.  Lee jeans, labeled 'short' but requiring at least a 2" heel.

Easter is coming...5 services spread over 3 days.  The choir post next week will be picture heavy.

If I can get my photographer to take a breath and look at  his subject. ;-)

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