Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Looking back...

2014 Stats:

Fabric In: 89.625 yds
Fabric Out: 36.875 yds
Last fabric added: 12/10/14
Garments made for me: 15
Garments made for other family members: 1
Muslins:  2
Misc. Church Sewing:
1 Girls Only Grad stole
Mystery Christmas gifts: yes. ;-) (actually, a set of waterbed sheets.  7 yards out...)

Truly abysmal...I bought nearly 90 yards, but did not get quite 40 sewn.

The one true, redeeming factor for the year is that


I will totally absolve myself of all quantity issues...that represents 3 months of sewing and I've worn it and worn it this fall.

Wiping the stats and starting over for the year now.

I've already resisted a couple of tempting sales...just because, really, I don't need anything at the moment.  I need to sew what I already own.

I really want to do a SWAP wardrobe this year...and my plan includes several garments that were in *last* year's plan.  But we're going to be launching a new data base application for an affiliate ministry in the next few months, so once again, sewing time may be hard to come by.

But I'ma gonna try. ;-)


  1. I like the fabric in, clothes out counter (so accurate too!).

    So glad you are in the SWAP this year Lisa, and I await details of your plan. A trench coat is epic (it looks really technical) but it's great when a hand made item becomes indispensable and relied on part of the wardrobe, isn't it?

    1. Thanks! I had the fabric for that coat sitting around for about 7 years before I finally got it made.

      I'm thinking of calling my SWAP 'Lisa's Git-'er-done SWAP and just make up things that have been waiting around that happen to go together. Which is kind of what my plan is, although it's not completely finalized. Once I have it nailed down I'll post it, although I don't do a story board...just a spreadsheet...

  2. Well, hey, look at that, what a beautiful trench! Great job! What pattern did you use? show us the look with the lapels open, please!

    1. All the details you could want and more... Burda Trench Coat. For the condensed version, the review is linked on the sidebar.

      Thanks! :-)