Monday, January 19, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 1/18/15

This is another one of those times when talking about what I wore is just...pitiful.

We had a leadership conference at church this weekend; our speaker was Wellington Boone.  He also spoke for all three church services yesterday AND a special Sunday night service last night, which lasted 4 hours and capped off 8 days of prayer and fasting.

I can't begin to tell you what this weekend has done in my spirit.  Phenomenal word and paradigm shifting.

But.  Sewing blog and all.  January colors are royal blue and black; I pulled out one of my favorite shirts ever...the silk dupioni Sewing Workshop Chopin Blouse, put it over jeans and called it good.  Kinda tricky to put on the leadership badge w/no top layer, but I just ducked into the bathroom when I needed to put it on after choir, or take it off before we went up on the platform at the start of each service (no choir for the evening service...just the on-mike team).  Awkward but do-able. 

I've finished the first muslin for the potential black denim jacket pattern; I need to rework the shoulders but I think I like the overall style.  Photos tomorrow.  Hopefully.

Meantime, I'm still processing the weekend...probably will post more to the faith blog later...

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