Friday, December 12, 2014

Sheepish admission...fabric in...

Trying really, really hard to curtail my purchases.  Not only am I becoming more and more reluctant to add to the fabric stash, but, well, the financial future is a little iffy, although My Sweet Babboo has some very solid job leads developing and we're hopeful that he'll transition to another company in the area.  But, well, temptation crossed my path and I succumbed.

I came across an interesting piece of fabric at Fabric first glance, it wasn't much, but they had a picture of it on one of their employees and I thought, 'Now, THAT'S different...'

 It was sold by the panel...knitted wool blend.  It's way fuzzier on the reverse side than I expected, almost fleec-y.  And there must not have been much of a margin between the panels, I'm not sure it isn't cut just slightly into the circle on one side.

But ....according to the website, all you  have to do is cut around the border on the outer edge and the inner holes and, bingo, it's a vest with a drapey collar!

But, looking at how the panel is curling, I think it's going to take a bit of effort to deter that.

I'm thinking I'll fold the fleecy band to the other side and hand stitch it down.  That should deter the curling on the outer edge; I might not need to do that for the arm holes. 

It will be very warm and funky...

And, while I was there, I also snagged a piece of cotton/lycra t-shirt jersey with a cool blue/white marbled print.  Been wanting some cozy long sleeved t shirts...that will be great.

But this *should* be the last fabric in of the year.

Maybe. ;-)


  1. I've not seen the panels like this, but when I was in Germany the fabric shop had a pattern for this exact style and would cut a length of boiled wool for you. It gives a nicely draped finish when complete, though I found the rounded hem emphasized my pear hips and wasn't too flattering on me.

    1. I've thought about tracing a pattern from it for using on other unique knits... we'll see how this looks. But I've got to figure out a way to stop that curling...

  2. That's why I cut the fuzzy part off my vest and another reason why I double serged, pressed and clapped the edges. They rolled like crazy. This piece is different from mine - my pattern wasn't as extensive. I'm sure that it will still make a great vest with a little work!

    1. I thought about serging the fuzzy bit off, but it's really only fuzzy on the one side. And I wasn't sure that would stop the curling. It's actually the reverse of the cream bits that is fuzzy; I guess it's just a product of the floats with the jacquard knit.

      We have a Christmas movie marathon coming up this weekend; annual event at our house but PERFECT for doing a stint of hand sewing! I think if I hem that down against the curl it might hold.

    2. I thought about binding the whole thing, too, but I was afraid that would stiffen the edge up so that it didn't drape. 'Course, it's entirely possible that a hem could do that, too... think, think, think... ;-)