Monday, May 05, 2014

Workwear 10 - Lime and Brown

I'd like to take the Me Made May pledge, but the requirement to take a daily photo is beyond me.  This is how they would all look... Jumping in front of the timer is definitely not the best way to take a photo, but sometimes it's the only way.

Besides, I would want to reserve the right to wear old promo t shirts and ratty jeans on days when I don't leave the house; neither of which is made by me.

So I've kind of worked a deal out with myself; I'm going to try to wear at least one me-made garment every day I leave the house, and I'll take photos when I can.


I did this quick before I went to work, then moved the photos off my camera after working all day and taking in a PTA meeting.

So...every photo I'd taken has a candle coming out of my head.

Oh well.

The lime-and-brown combo is one I discovered back when I did the 2005 fact, I'm pretty sure I got the fabric for these pants with the intention of using them in the SWAP that year but  they got bumped.  For some reason, I felt like lime and brown again today...

Jacket:  McCall's 5191, in brown-eyelet on stretch denim
Top:  Simplicity 2599 in lime green rayon challis.  This is the third tweak on this pattern, and it's very, very close to TNT status.  I really need to update the review and retire that awful shiny rose first draft photo.
Pants:  Stretch N Sew 704 no-side-seam pull on pants w/welt pockets; in hefty brown linen.  That is a really good pants pattern...I need to make more of them...

Speaking of TNT's... in the 'oh, no, not again category'...I cut out a Farewell to Arms skirt out of a gorgeous rayon challis last fall, thought I bagged it up when I cleaned the 'cutting room' for The Artist to spend Christmas with us.

Decided to sew it up quick and...I could only find half the skirt.  One set of skirt pieces (there are two sets) and one set of pockets.  And it was wrapped up with the remnant, not bagged up like I thought.

I can't find the rest.

I really, really hope I did not accidentally throw it away.  I've done that before...

So, I've set it back for the time being.  Either it will show up again...or it won't.


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