Friday, May 02, 2014

Trench coat photos

I don't do photo shoots well...just not in my nature, I guess.   But here's the final product!

Looking at the back photo, I think I sewed too much of the pleat closed at the waist.  After the photo,   I went back and released about 2 1/2" inches from the bottom of that stitching.   Don't know when I can get another photo...

The upper pleat doesn't open too much, even with my arms crossed.
My hubby commented, 'That looks like a raincoat!'

To which I replied, 'Good!  'Cause that's what it is!'

eta...I fiinally went back and did the math. Given that the gabardine was on a crazy clearance sale, the entire coat cost less than $40.


  1. Lisa, this turned out beautifully. Well worth the time and thoughtful effort you put into creating it. I've not commented before on your journey with this particular project, but I have been following it with interest. I've really enjoyed watching you produce this lovely garment--I know you will get many years of wonderful use out of this. It really is beautiful and beautifully executed. And it is that perfect taupe color that just works with everything

  2. Great job! I bet it's a relief to have made it through!

  3. So handsome/beautiful/well done!