Saturday, May 03, 2014

Machine Dreaming

It has been over 20 years since I last purchased a sewing machine.

I stumbled across a blog post a day or so ago that has put me into new machine fever.  The comments and reviews that I can find on it (not many, actually) seem very favorable.

However...I'm still somewhat hesitant as it has an electronic display.  Not a full out touch screen, just an LED display with the stitch selection but...

I'd really rather select my stitches with a dial. It's not gonna go out or get fried.  It just seems more reliable.

But, maybe there's the rub?  The manufacturers no longer want to make a machine that can be handed down to granddaughters?

Funny...I bought my New Home when my Kenmore was 12 years old, thinking it was time for a new machine.  In 1992.  Or maybe it was 1994.  It was either the year before or the year after The Actor was born; sad that I can't remember which.  Anyway, I really haven't found a machine that I'd even consider purchasing as a replacement.  Until this week.

I just have to get over my fear of short-lived electronics.

But, hey, I'll still have the old machines as back up, right?

Maybe I'll see if there is one available to test run at the Expo....

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