Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Work Wear 9 - The Gray Scale Scarf

This set-the-timer-and-jump-in-front-of-it method of photography definitely leaves something to be desired.  The best (read: most flattering) photo was irredeemably blurry; the sharpest focused photo caught some never-to-be-put-online weird expression on my face...so that left this one, with a crooked jacket and the kitty's worst side.

Oh well.  I'm sure you'll get the idea.

Mostly, I just wanted to put together something that allowed me wear the newly-hemmed gray scale silk scarf.

I'm getting bolder in my old age;  there have been times past in which I would've shuddered with horror at the idea of combining the graphic print with the striped pants.  Now I think it's kinda fun.

RTW sweater shell; modified Loes Hinse Oxford pants in a pinstripe RPL topped off with Silhouette Pattern's Robins Jacket in wool flannel, finished off with plain ol' Wrights bias tape.

Wasn't thrilled with the way I tied the scarf, but I couldn't come up with a better way to do it in the time I had available this morning.  Square scarves are not quite as easy to wear these days as long rectangles...

Anyway, that was a silk panel print that came from...Fabric Mart?  I think? ...about a year and a half ago. I wanted to hand roll it but couldn't get the technique down well enough to suit me.  So I wrangled it through the rolled edge foot on the sewing machine and will keep practicing on the scraps that I trimmed away to square it up.  Someday...I will have a hand rolled scarf...


  1. It's a good look: I like the stripes on the scarf echoing those of the trousers. Well coordinated!

  2. A very good look! The scarf makes the whole outfit pop. Looking great!

  3. The graphic scarf and the striped pants are a perfect combination in my book. I love mixing prints and stripes!

  4. I like it! I've yet to do a hand rolled scarf so I congratulate you.

  5. Thanks, ladies! I'm just beginning the branch out into pattern mixing...don't know how much more bravely I'll do that but I'm having fun with the baby steps...