Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Work Wear 7

On the Just for Fun side...

I mean, any time you put on a garment with a  red, black and taupe animal-not-found-in-nature print, it has to be just for fun, right?

Have never put the Burda 2/2009/108 boatneck t with the red rendition of Jalie's 2919 pleated cardigan, mostly because I didn't think the 3/4 length sleeves would work over the long sleeves.  But, given the kinda patchworky look that's in now, once I tried it, I kinda liked it. 

And it meant I could wear the red shoes, too... ;-)

I'll bet I do this again.  Just for fun. 


  1. I really like the look overall, and especially like the sleeves of the top peeking out from the sleeves of the cardigan. The lines of that cardigan are very flattering to you! It gives you a nice long and lean look.

    1. Thanks, Marcy...'nice long and lean'....hm, I should make one of these cardis for every day of the week, eh? lol...

  2. it is good to try out these new little things. I think it looks good. Take care .