Sunday, November 17, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 11 17

I had real hopes of wearing a new garment for the second week in a row; I have some lovely brown RPL double knit that I cut into pants and a skirt Friday; with intentions of at least getting the skirt made for today.

Both garments have pockets, natch, and I put fusible interfacing on the pocket opening on the seam of the skirt so the knit wouldn't stretch out of shape.

Only somehow I ended up putting the fusible on the FACE OF THE FABRIC on one side of the skirt.  Didn't realize it until I saw that I had two left fronts...the face and the reverse are so similar.

But not indistinguishable.  I pulled it off, then spent pretty much the rest of the evening trying to melt the adhesive into scrap fabric to pull it off the skirt.

It only worked a little, but most of the adhesive was in the seam allowance anyway and I know that most of the time I will be wearing tops over the skirt (well, all the time, now..), so I finally just gave up and moved forward.

But I didn't get the skirt finished.

So, today's choir wardrobe was Old Clothes. Colors of the Month are burgundy, brown and burnt orange, and I wore the same burgundy slinky Textile Studios Monaco Shell I wore last week and my brown rayon jersey Jalie 2566 cardigan.  Lee jeans.  Boring but serviceable.

Maybe I'll have the skirt done next week. ;-)

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  1. Grrrrr....sorry that you had the issue. Good luck with the fix!