Sunday, November 10, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 11-10-13

So, yeah, I totally forgot to take a photo last week.  No excuses...just forgot.

But we remembered this week.

And, no surprise, I wore the hot-off-the-machine Pamela's Pattern Drape Front Cardigan  and decided that the wool jersey is NOT too itchy.   :-D

Lee?  I think?  Boot cuts, a remnant scarf and a burgundy slinky Textile Studio Monico Shell funnel-neck top, which is probably about 6 years old...

And red shoes!  I love it when I get to wear my red shoes... ;-)

Oh, colors for November are brown and burgundy, with burnt orange for accent.

My scarf actually is in need of repair.  I just rolled the edges on it, and the rolled edge is actually pulling off one of the short ends.  I've about decided that I need to fray check the end where it's pulled off, then hand whip that rolled edge back onto the scarf; I'll never match the existing rolled edge and I really don't want to trim it all off to make a new roll.  Maybe I'll get to that this week (I'ma gonna need that scarf again this month...) and let you know if it worked...

Oh, I re read yesterday's post and decided it was kinda vague.  My original intention was that I would do the 8-year giveaway  from comments on that post, but I'm afraid I confused folks so I'll draw from any comments left on any of this week's posts.  ;-)  Basically just say 'hi' and you're in...

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  1. Love hearing about the colors and how you pull them all together!