Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Cardigan in a Day

Just when I decided I needed some brown knits, one of my favorite online vendors put her knits on sale.

So of course I ordered some.

It arrived last week, and, wonder of wonders, I actually turned one piece into a garment!

Hey, it happens sometimes...

I had a couple of cardigan patterns I wanted to try; I've already got another new piece pegged for one of them so I decided to try the other one on the brown jersey I got.

Started off today by tracing the pattern...Pamela's Patterns # 110 - Cool Cardigans -Draped Front .

Based on the instructions, I picked my size based on my high bust measurement, which put me solidly in the 'Medium' range.  My full bust measurement was about 3 3/4" larger than my high bust; the instructions said to use the full bust front piece if the full bust was more than 3" larger than the high bust.

So I traced the full bust front.

She includes line for petiting the armscye, but I'm not sure I agree 100% with the method presented; if you fold out that extra as indicated, you will not only raise the underarm but you will raise the bust shaping, raise the waistline and shorten the overall jacket.

So I did it a little differently.

I traced the pattern from the underarm, around the bottom, up the center and around to the top of the petite adjustment lines (I did the same thing on both front and back; the back is pictured here.)

 Then I slid the pattern down the grainline/center back line until the end of the tracing on the armsceye was at the bottom of the adjustment, pinned it down and traced the rest of the armscye, blending the cutting lines.

You can see that the  side seam notches did not move; the bust shaping is still where it belongs.  But the side seam has been lengthened above the notches to shorten the armsceye.

I made the corresponding adjustments as directed on the sleeve cap.

The only other adjustment I made was typical for me...I shortened the sleeve 2 additional inches.

This was actually my first go ever at a wool jersey garment.  I was afraid it would be contrary, but it's actually easier to sew than the rayon jerseys I've been sewing for forever now.  The jury is still out on whether I'm going to find it too itchy; we'll see...

Overall, I think I like the lines.  But the 'drape' is supposed to come from the shirring at the neckline, and it doesn't really look to me like it has made much of a difference. Maybe I just need to fuss with it a little bit.

 The edges are all turned under 1" and topstitched; the front edge wants to roll to the outside so that the raw turned under edge is visible.  In today's world of unfinished edges that may not be a big deal, but I think I would prefer something that looked a little more polished.

But, hey, I made it all in a day that also involved some errand running (I had to get some brown thread, among other things) and sitting through 'Enders Game' with The Actor.  So for something so easy to put ain't bad, it ain't bad.

This will likely show up in tomorrow's choir wardrobe post.. ;-).

And, just a reminder, if you haven't left a comment on my 8 year blogiversary post to put your name in the hat for an 8 -pattern giveaway, you still have time.  I'm going to draw sometime after 8 PM CST on Monday so click through and let me know you're here!

ETA:  Just posted the review and realized it's been over a year since I reviewed a pattern.  Yeesh...


  1. Congrats on eight years. You must be one of the earliest sewing bloggers.

  2. This is one of my favorite patterns and I love how it looks on you. Wonderful color and perfect length. Congrats on so many years of blogging. You inspire me.

  3. I think it looks fabulous. The color is very rich and the front hangs beautifully. Nice job! g