Sunday, October 20, 2013

Choir Wardrobe Returns - 102013

I really didn't expect it to be three months.

But, we are on the backside of the data base rollout and I am hoping to get back to something like a normal schedule very soon.  My Thursday afternoon training sessions have moved to another day of the week, which makes it  possible for me to leave around noon on Thursdays (possible, not likely...) so, in theory, I have a little breathing room.

Anyway, it was time.  I missed choir.

And, actually, I did  a bit of sewing last night.  The Flute Player and My Sweet Baboo were at the closing performance of a local community theater production of Les Miserables (I saw it last weekend with The Actor...FABULOUS production!), so I had a bit of sewing time.

First, I concocted and tested a tote bag pattern for my  high school girls'  class sanctity of life unit project (we had a marathon sewing session this evening; 3 out of 4 girls finished had to leave a bit before we were done, so look for a photo tute very soon so she can figure out how to finish).

Anyway, whilst looking about in the stash list for likely bag fabric (you know I took 3 stashed pieces in today...more yardage out...), I suddenly saw that I'd  purchased some burnt orange stretch lace last fall, to use for a choir top.

Now, said stretch lace really wasn't terribly stretchy so, remembering the striped top debacle, I pulled out my Jalie 2566 T pattern and traced it off, um, two sizes larger than my usual size.

'Cause that top is drafted for some stretchy fabric.

Anyway, I cut it on the cross grain, so as to take advantage of the scalloped selvedge for the hem.  Then I cut the rest of the scalloped edge off and appliqued it...well, just zig-zagged it down, the neckline.  Hemmed the sleeves.   It was quick...and it did not look 'sausage casing'.  Actually,  it's a pinch big under the armsceye, but, well, still better than RTW. ;-)

 I wore it today with  I-can't-remember-which jeans, over an orange Jalie 965 tank with a purple scarf and metallic denim jacket, both from  Coldwater, October's colors being dark purple, burnt orange and tan or brown.

It's good to be back.

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