Monday, September 09, 2013

...and I said 'No'...

Picking up the Flute Player from a mask-building session at school tonight, the director asked if I could make a dress for the show...kind of a poly organzaish over poly silky looking thing, just from what I could see in the bag.

I told her unless it was something I could do tomorrow evening, I was going to have to say no.  Because the only other time I have available for sewing is at 2 AM.

So she said she would ask someone else.

What I *didn't* say was, 'You know, if you had asked me in August I could possibly have worked it in.'

I do not like telling people 'No'.  I really don't.  But...sometimes, that's the only reasonable and logical thing to do.

Meantime, progress made today on the Loud Jacket: Zero.

I'm telling myself 'No', too...

But I *do* have tomorrow night available.  We'll see if I can get to the sewing machines...

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  1. It really is ok to say no. In this case, I'm happy for you that you did.