Saturday, April 27, 2013

If You Were a Contestant...The Fantasy American Sewing Bee

Ok, now that everyone's seen The Great British Sewing Bee all the way through, let's do a Fantasy Version.

It's really a fantasy version, because what American TV channel would host such a wholesome, feel-good show?  But let's assume HGTV or some other crafty channel is willing to take the risk.

And who wouldn't love a chance to be on the show?  Speaking for myself, I don't think my sewing would be up to that standard, but, because this is a fantasy, let's say I'm in.

The question is, who would I like to be in the sewing room with me?  Not because I can outsew them, or even come close...just because I would like to hang out and furtively watch them go even while I'm ripping out that fly zip for the 3rd time.

I'm gonna also assume that we can have 12 contestants because, well, we do everything bigger in the States. ;-)

So, in roughly alphabetical order, here are the eleven amateur American sewing enthusiasts that I would love to find in the room with me (and I'm sure there are other fabulous home sewers,  but these are the ones I know because they blog.) There are some other bloggers that I'd like to include, too, but since I know they've done a little sewing-related-work-for-income I'm not sure they'd qualify. I have included some Mood Sewing Network ladies; not sure about their amateur status, either, but, well, I'm not sure complementary fabric is counted as income so I'm gonna call it ok for my purposes.  :-)

1. Margy (somewhere I read that she pronounces that with a hard 'g' sound) of  A Fool For Fabric.  She sews from a deliberately limited palette of black, white, gray and red and has the most incredible wardrobe.  I don't know if I could ever manage such discipline myself, but she has beautiful garments that all coordinate and with her striking hair and signature sunglasses, she is very nearly a Style Icon for me.  She's also currently traveling in a internet-blackout country, so I don't know if she's even seen TGBSB to have a clue of what we're talking about.

2. Shams of Communing with Fabric.  She has such a playful approach to her sewing and is not hesitant to try something different.  I AM going to make a version of her Tablecloth Skirt one of these days; I just need to figure out how to put pockets in it. ;-).

3. Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic   If you've been around the sewing blogsphere any at all, you should be familiar with Carolyn and know why I've included her.  If you're not...go look at her blog and you'll see.

4.  Lori from Girls in the Garden.  Lori is a Midwest girl like me, although she still lives on the farm and I've moved away to a city lot in the South...the backgrounds of her photos always make me just a little homesick.  But she is a prolific and excellent seamstress, sewing for herself, her daughters and now her brand new grandson.

5. Sarah from Goodbye Valentino.  She started blogging in 2011, when she decided to give up expensive RTW and make her entire wardrobe for a year.  Her sewing skills advanced very quickly and she made some  really wonderful garments. Her enthusiasm for home sewing is contagious.

6. Kathryn of I Made This!  I 'knew' Kathyrn from sewing discussion boards before she started blogging; she is an amazing seamstress and generous with her knowledge; she is also currently one of the moderators (another is TGBSB champ Ann Rowley!) on Stitcher's Guild, where you will find her encouraging new folks regularly as 'fzxdoc'.

8. Cidell, who writes Miss Celie's Pants.  She's another one who's sewing skills have matured as she blogged and now she's one of the Mood Sewing Network bloggers making lovely things.  I especially love her subtitle... 'I sew, I cook, I travel. But, I do not clean.'  We are Kindred Spirits...except I don't get much travel time...

9. Angie, from Quality Time.  Teacher and Single Mom and lover of vintage styles, Angie not only sews beautifully but would be a hoot to hang out with.

10. Beth, from The Rusty Bobbin, was probably the first sewing blogger I followed. She has been through a lot since then, but still sews and still turns out fabulous garments.  Her fitting skills, honed through much work w/ home-sewing pattern making software, are among the best of the bloggers.

11.  Elaine, from The Selfish Seamstress , who could challenge us all to steel our nerve to turn down those requests for curtains, jeans hemming and garment mending from friends/acquaintances as we are stitching away.  She would, of course, be wearing a lovely garment that she made for herself during the time that she was NOT sewing for someone else.

Ok, I got to 11 before I got all the way through my blog roll, so I'll pick some alternates, just in case, you know, one of the 11 couldn't make the filming. ;-)

Alternate:  Linda of Danville Girl Sewing Diary.  Linda always has a project in the works, and she's always working on a project.  Lots of finished garments show up on her opposed to someone like me, who is just not able to get into the sewing room as much as I'd like.

Alternate: KID, from Kadiddlehopper.  She's a doctor...who also sews. Be handy  if someone in the sewing room accidentally ran a needle through a finger or had a rotary cutter mishap, eh? ;-)  Seriously, she makes clothes for herself and for her kids AND for  her hubby and does a great job.  No puzzling over how to put in a fly zipper here.

Alternate: Lindsay, who used to blog at Lidsay T Sews but gave it up some time ago.  Nevertheless, I'd love for her to be one of the folks in the room; her clothes were always fabulous and she KNOWS the NYC Garment District.

I just hope that by the time my fantasy show would become a reality, the producers would develop a cumulative points system rather than elimination, so that I could spend the entire run of the show with all the fabulous folks!

I know there are other excellent home sewing enthusiasts out there who would make marvelous contestants...who would you put on YOUR fantasy sewing bee? You can answer in the comments, or put it on your blog and link up in the comments.... have fun!


  1. You are soooo kind to include me in this list of luminaries. Though I don't think I would last long in the sewing studio with these amazing women!

    1. Well, that's part of the premise...that no one gets sent home. Otherwise I'd not get much time there myself! ;-)

      Besides, it would be neat just to hang out with everyone...

  2. What a fun list! Thanks for mentioning me! I was thinking what Carolyn said - I'd get my butt kicked! But you're right about the fly. :) Men's trousers are a go.

    1. After I posted the list, I thought, 'I shoulda made it like Project Runway, with 16 contestants...I ran outta room quick... :-)

  3. What fun that would be. I loved the GB Sewing Bee and was looking to see if they were planning a US version and stumbled across your site.