Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Work Wear 4

No, I really didn't forget...just haven't worn anything worth photographing.  But today I did something I don't know that I've done very often...if at all.

I have a few 'fashion' blogs on my feed burner; one of them is The Vivienne Files.  For someone who has toyed with the idea of writing a book called Confessions of a Fashion Klutz,  this has been highly educational in the area of combining wardrobe elements into something like style.

Janice frequently starts with a scarf, then pulls things from a previously defined wardrobe to create different outfits based on the colors in the scarf.

So, for a fashion exercise, I thought I'd try it.

I pulled a scarf from my closet that is (well, was...) under consideration for the 'donate' bag.  It's a remnant from a skirt I made for my sister's Christmas gift quite a number of years ago...just a hemmed strip from the end of the piece of fabric.

I made several scarves-from-remnants like that before the lightbulb went off and I realized that a 45" width really is not long enough for an oblong scarf...I need an oblong scarf to be at least 60" long. 

But, when I was sorting through my scarves to see what I wanted to get rid of, I suddenly had a thought about the colors in this scarf...would that rusty brown match that sweater vest I got on a whim from Coldwater?

It did.

And the teal matched my linen-rayon Stars In Heaven tunic.

The tan was perfect with the original Daphne Pants.

With a scarf clip instead of a knot, the scarf isn't *too* short.

Now, this is not the most physically flattering look for me and I know it; I really need a longer top with pants that skinny.  And the underarm on the tunic is actually lower than the underarm on the vest, which pulls the sleeves up a bit.

But it was fun to actually plan something a bit; I would never have put these colors together otherwise.

I think I'm going to have some fun playing with my scarves now...


  1. What a great way to pull an outfit together. It looks good. g

  2. I think it looks good. I wear this combination of colors quite often in winter, I have dark brown cords and several teal sweaters, plus sometimes I'll through in a green top, too.