Thursday, January 17, 2013

On the Board

First completed item since back in a skinny scarf.

But SOMETHING is better than nothing...I'm willing to start small...

I had some gorgeous velvet/lame burnout fabric that I used for one of Loes Hinse's vest patterns something like three years ago and had a 3/8 yard remnant left over.

I hemmed and hawed over it; pulled it out of the cabinet and looked it over and then put it back more times than I could count in the past 3 years.  I knew it would have to be a scarf, but it wasn't wide enough to make a decently long scarf.  So I knew I'd have to seam it somehow and I was just not willing to commit, fearing I'd make it look lumpy and home made.

Today I decided I was tired of it taking up space.  A scarf is always sorta rumpled up and twisted anyway...right?

So I tore it in half crosswise, seamed it into one long length and then folded it right sides together and stitched up one short end and the long edge, then I turned it right side out and pressed it lightly and hand stitched the other short end closed.

And it's a scarf.

It's' almost too long for the width, but I can wrap it extra and make it work.  

And it's out of storage and into the closet.  Woo hoo! ;-)

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