Thursday, November 29, 2012

Squeaking in Under 100

At least, I will if I can resist the temptation that's sure to be offered in the end-of-the year sales that are sure to show up.

You'd think I'd learn to reserve some fabric buying for December.  Not this year.

Anyway, my most recent purchase arrived today.  I really didn't plan to buy any more fabric this year, but I've had a failure on a couple of my most worn garments and replacing them has gone to the top of my sewing priority list.  The modal/rayon fabric used in my Gray Jalie Cardigan is giving up the in, there are actual holes in the drapey collar.  Ish.  Well, it was excessively cheap...and it shows.  Likewise, the top I made from the gray Tencel jersey remnant left from The Flute Player's Bridesmaids Dress   (which she has never worn since the wedding) is visibly disintegrating every time it's laundered. I just made that in March; didn't have a photo of it by itself, but here it is in a choir post. I wore it out and about probably at least twice a month, but it shouldn't have died so soon.  Again, cheap fabric.

Gray is a key part of my wardrobe; not only do I like it, but it shows up repeatedly in our choir palettes.  It's on the schedule for both December and January.  So I've been watching for the last several weeks for a suitable silvery gray jersey...and finally found one in the Thanksgiving sales.  And, you know, every piece of fabric must have a traveling buddy, so I also nabbed a length of black rayon matte jersey, just because it's a staple that will get used.  And this was NOT cheap stuff... it feels and drapes great.  Color me happy.

I'd show you a picture of the new yardage, but it's already in the washer.

Now I just need to decide if I'm just going to recreate the Jalie cardi or if I'm going to do something a little different.  I'd like to make it as it should be made...with the tucks on the OUTSIDE...but, despite the fact that I've made 4 versions of that jacket, when I did my  little tour through the past photos it seemed that silhouette was not particularly flattering.  But I do get complements on those cardis about every time I wear one,

Chaperoning an out of town trip this weekend, so there will be no sewing until at least Monday.  By then...yes, I need to have my mind made up.  I need some gray stuff. ;-)

And I AM DELETING every potentially tempting fabric vendor email for the rest of the year.  I am, I am, I am....leaving it for the rest of y'all ;-).


  1. Well I'll be rooting for you to resist temptation and to get a few things made up before the clock rolls over to 2013!

    1. Woot!! Yeah, this years 'fabric out' number is truly depressing...gotta get something done about that.

      After the state drama festival, though. ;-)