Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tangerine for Choir

After realizing I couldn't make the Vogue 1250 yesterday, I mulled over my options for getting SOMETHING sewn on the holiday and decided to make a top for choir.  I'd purchased some VERY NICE poly matte jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics earlier this year and, as I need tangerine for June, decided it was time to sew it up.

Only I could NOT decide what to do with it.  Finally, I pulled out one of my new pattern purchases...Vogue 8669 and realized that it has somewhat in common with 1250.  And the sleeveless top takes 1 yard, which was what I had available.

So I looked at the reviews for it; there aren't really very many yet.  And I noticed that the cowl is quite high, as opposed to the 1250, which drapes very low.  I really didn't care for the high edge of the cowl, so I decided to reverse what I did for 1250 and rotate the shoulder AWAY from the center front in order to elongate that top edge.  And, while I was at it, I decided to add a deep self-facing to the front as well; 8669 calls for a 5/8" narrow hem.

 Also, the drape is just gathered into the shoulders on the 8669 top; I converted the drape ease to pleats.  This is not a great photo, but here's the original pattern and my modification side-by-side:

So I cut it out of the orange jersey and made it up.  It was very, very quick:

I should've done a FBA.  I thought about it, but decided to try it without first.  Next time I'll add that.  I'll also tweak the armholes a bit; they're too far forward at the bottom and flash lingerie if I'm not careful.  This top will be worn as a bottom layer, though, so I should be ok.

I have another piece of orange fabric that I may get sewn up: but there's another 'oh, what pattern shall I use?' decision to make...


  1. Nice! That looks like a great top, and a good color for you, too.

  2. I agree. Tangerine is your color :)

  3. Well, orange in general is not something I am thrilled with wearing, but I can get away with it if it's leaning to red (like the tangerine) or leaning to pink (line the coral we'll be wearing next month)...I'm glad to know that this isn't necessarily making me look anemic! ;-) Thanks!