Sunday, May 13, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 051312

The choir sang in all the services this weekend; we're changing up our worship service schedule and discontinuing Saturday evenings, at least for a while.  So, to go out with a bang, we had a full worship team last night and ice cream after the service. ;-)

 I kind of got out of my fashion box, just a bit, for Saturday night...and we went out for pizza after church (not a good idea, my tummy reminded me most all night...), so I'm rumpled.  The only bit of the outfit that I actually made is the top...a sparkly gray jersey sewn up into Simplicity 2603 .  The blue linen jacket was from the clearance rack at Coldwater Creek a year or two ago; those aged Gloria Vanderbilt mom jeans are the closest thing I have to skinny jeans, which would be truly scary on me.  The scarf is from Talbot's, a silk square with a gigantic chrysanthemum graphic folded so the green part doesn't show much, as the colors for May are hot pink, gray and navy blue.  With jeans.  The white canvas oxfords are the whimsey part...

For Sunday, I teamed up the tank top version of  my gray rayon/lycra jersey Double Twin Set, comprised of Jalie 965 and Jalie 2566 with the rayon jersey knit Simplicity 4076 .  With Lee bootcut jeans.

I will confess to a rather discomfiting moment during the third service worship today; we were really short on gentlemen (the service is at 12:30 and I think all the guys took their moms to lunch...), so I sang tenor with My Sweet Baboo.  As the tenors are in the center, I ended up being in the middle of the front row, just in front of him. Which meant that at odd moments I could see myself in the monitor on the back wall...but I was behind one of the ladies who was singing on microphone, so that several times what caught my eye was just my head, the only part of me visible over her shoulder.

Only with my hair pulled back and the bright lights glinting off the lenses of my glasses, I didn't see myself. I saw The Actor (who, btw, is on a missions trip to Guatemala and cannot appreciate the irony here). Um, yeah.  I was rather startled.  Every time I caught that shot on the screen it made me do a double take.  I actually wondered for just a second if I could reach back and pull the clip out of my hair so it wasn't pulled back quite so tight...but, being on the center of the front, there was just no way to do that.  So I just kind of blinked and tried to ignore the weird feeling it gave me to see my kid's face where mine should be.

Maybe it's time for a haircut. ;-)

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