Sunday, May 27, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 05 27

I finished the mattress pad and...honestly...slept much better last night.  I think we've got a few years left before we have to start worrying about a replacement now. ;-)

So, I had my sewing plate cleared.  And, just because it was the first time in ages my sewing plate was cleared, I cut out a new top and made it.

And wore it today. :-)

I bought that fabric last summer when we were wearing hot pink and gray, but didn't get it sewn up.  I was determined to sew it up for this go-round.  It's the Simplicity 2603 top, which I've made about 5 times now.  Goes well with the much-worn gray modal jersey Jalie 2919 drapey cardigan.  You'd almost think I planned it that way.

Wait.  I think I did.  A year ago...

Lee bootcuts and ring toe sandals and I'm set.

All I need now is a bit of time to give myself the spring pedicure.  I usually do that on Mother's day, as a treat for me, but I didn't get to do it this year, so my toenails are still winter bare.

I'ma gonna hafta do some sewing this week; we have new colors in June and I need some stuff...

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  1. Your new top does match well. It is a good feeling to clear the decks of boring , necessary sewing. I have just done the same, making a swing seat roof cover, a sheet and pillowcases. ( certainly cleared the sewing room of many yards of fabric too )