Sunday, May 06, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 05-06-12

Sometimes, you just can't take me anywhere.

I had a little feeling that I should take today's choir wardrobe photo before we left the house but, as usual, we were on the edge of being late (and, for reasons I won't go into now, being late is a problem!) so we didn't.

Then The Actor called me while I was in my office working on the data entry at the end of 3rd service and wanted to know if he and his sister could go with a group of friends to get some lunch and see Avengers.

Um, and leave me and My Sweet Baboo on our own for lunch? To quote The Artist, "Heck yeah."

I happened to have a $25 Red Lobster gift card in my purse; that'll get ya a couple of bowls of soup and some grilled shrimp bruschetta and  have a bit left towards the tip.

Only...I discovered when I got in the car...the tomatoes on the bruschetta are apparently a bit drippy.

Yup.  Right on the middle of the front of my top. Sigh.  Fortunately, the resolution on the photo is not that great so it doesn't show in the picture, but, well, I know it's there.  I hope it comes out.

Anyway, May's colors are hot pink, navy blue and gray and that pink top is one of those 'Ooooo, pretty' deals I ran into at Coldwater Creek last summer, and I grabbed one when it went on sale.  I had to take up a pretty hefty chunk at the shoulders since I'm not 5'11", but it's kind of a fun top...a jersey knit w/a chiffon overlay w/applique'd and embroidered flowers over the front pleats...and it's the right shade of pink.  Those are CWC jeans, too...I'm a regular CWC commercial today...and my wardrobe staple gray rayon jersey Jalie 2919 cardigan.  I opted for closed shoes, rather than sandals, because it was raining this morning and I hate wet squishy sandals....

Now to see if I can get the little dot of...vinagrette dressing?  Maybe?...out of my floaty top...

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