Monday, February 20, 2012


For two out of the last three years, I've made The Flute Player's fancy dress for the kids' ministries service awards dinner at church.  In '09, it was The Pink Dress, which I totally threw together in about a day; in '10, it was the Masquerade Dress, which just about cleaned my clock and took every available second to finish.  Last year, the banquet was the same weekend as the Drama Magnet's production of Romeo and Juliet, so they didn't get to go the banquet.

This year, the quick dress pattern that I wanted to make needed alterations and style changes to make her happy; I didn't have fabric in the stash (imagine that!  The theme is 'black and white'- no fancy black fabric that I was willing to sacrifice for a dress of few wearings) suitable for other options, and I have something going on every day this week after work.

The dinner is Friday.  I just could NOT get my sewing/creating anointing flowing for a critical deadline.

So I bailed; we took advantage of the school/work holiday to drop by the mall and, after merely two or three armloads of  black and black/white dresses we found one that she really, really liked that wasn't all strapless and short.

It was on clearance; with tax it came to just a little under $70.

She's happy and I'm relieved.  It was worth it.

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  1. It's OK to throw in the towel sometimes! I usually don't enjoy the process when I try to force it/rush anyway, leading to mistakes 99% of the time. :D