Monday, January 02, 2012

My turn...

Posted by Lisa Laree to Sew Random

Shannon went first.

She bravely posted what has been stewing around in my head for a while now.

So I'll say it...I am unhealthily overweight (trying to be PC here). 

I've talked about it a bit from time to time; the frustration with the hormonal shift and the accompanying weight gain. If you've been reading the blog for any time...and taking note of the photos I've been posting...the weight gain has been pretty obvious.  Like Shannon, I've found that clothes that I made that I love don't fit.  And I've also lost the desire to make pretty new things, despite an urgent need for clothes that do fit.   I'd like to participate in the Stitcher's Guild SWAP this year, but I don't want to spend time making a wardrobe to fit the body I currently have.  And its not because I just don't want to deal with it; it's because if I want to feel good and be healthy I have to make changes now, which means (hopefully) my shape will start changing and...what size should I make?  I just don't know.  I'm still thinking.  And I know everyone else is sewing already... ;-)

Anyway, I have learned that I really can't eat sugar and grains.  Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and love baked goods and pasta.  When I was younger, I pretty much got away with it.  But no more.  Habits must change. 

I'm not looking for an eating plan to lose weight; I know this is a lifestyle issue. And I know what I need to do.

Now, it just so happens that we have a time of fasting and prayer every year in the month of January through church.  That's really not news; you know my practice in years past has been to stay off the internet during the fast.  And, by and large, that will happen again this year; my fasting will include media (I'm gonna have a gazillion updates in Google reader when I come back), with one exception.

I am going to be blogging my way through it at my other blog, Beer Lahai Roi; I explained it in more detail here.

The fast really isn't about losing weight, although typically I would lose a little.  But it will be about breaking habits and patterns and, well, other things.  If you're interested you are welcome to read along; if you're not, I'll be back  when it's over.   

Now, this is not meant to be any kind of a religious shill.  I'm not after looking all spiritual.  But this is  a very large part of who I am and I can't always keep that side of myself locked away on the faith blog.  This is one place where it will spill over, because I won't be blogging on Sew Random (or visiting other blogs or the sewing boards or even Facebook...).  And the reason I am going to be gone so long is because Things. Must. Change.  And it's more than just my weight.

So,  I will be focusing other things for the next sixish weeks, starting next Monday.  Meantime, I do have some other posts to put up.  I'm not putting up the shutters just yet. ;-)


  1. I'll miss you, but I completely understand and wish you the best of luck and resolve and whatever else you need for success. It's hard, but it can be done - one day at a time. I have faith in you. :-)

    I know you said you're not looking for an eating plan, but speaking as a former carb queen, I can tell you that if you do choose a low-carb diet, the cravings for sweets and grains do miraculously disappear and in a relatively short time. And that's all I'll say about that.

  2. I will miss you while you're gone! But I can tell it's important that you follow that inner voice. I will be following you at your other location.

  3. Bon Voyage! And good luck to you in everything

  4. You can do it !

    Will look forward to your posts when you get back.
    Happy New Year to you & your family !

  5. I (obviously) know the feeling of discontent that comes with weight gain and unhealthy habits. So, bravo to you for choosing to make a change. I will be thinking of you often during the next few weeks.

  6. Thanks, Ladies! Debbie, that's part of what I hope to do in the fast...lose the craving. I've done it before with some disciplined eating and gotten to the point where sweet stuff didn't even sound good, but then something came along that triggered a carb fest and boom! The cravings came back. But maybe I'll be paying more attention now and avoid the triggers...I can hope...