Sunday, January 08, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 0108

My Sweet Baboo being out of town on business, The Actor was forced into the role of Fashion Photographer.  Hence the slightly odd perspective that somehow seems to make me look like I'm leaning into the camera.

Anyway, for the second Sunday of January, in which the colors for choir are black, royal blue and silver gray,  I'm wearing the CWC knit bootcut jeans with  my first go at Loes Hinse's  Milano Jacket, made from royal blue poly moleskin knit, the salvaged silver rayon Vogue 7604 blouse and a scarf made from a teeny remnant of fabric left after I made a scarf to give away.  It's really too small for good scarf, but the colors in it were too pretty to throw away.

I did manage to get the Tribeca shirt cut out, but I didn't get the weird curvy darts marked (gotta find my tracing paper for that; tailor's tacks just are not sufficient).  I intended to make the Burday Style 09-2010 Funnel neck top that so many folks have made as well, but I was dismayed to find that I actually *hadn't* traced the pattern like I thought.  So I spent what would otherwise have been my cut and construct time tracing the pattern, adding the seam allowances, then removing 7" of length from the sleeves as I didn't realize how very scrunched they were intended to be.  I finished with the pattern about midnight last night and called. it. a day.  It'll have to get cut and sewn another time.

So, I'm going to be on hiatus for the next 6ish weeks, but if I make anything new during that time I'll be sure to take photos and post it when I get back.  Happy January, everyone!

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