Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 Stats

Wow.  If I needed evidence there is a shift happening in my life, this would certainly be the telling of it:

  • Fabric In: 148.375 yds
  • Fabric Out: 56.375 yds
  • Last fabric purchase:11/30/11
  • Garments made for me: 25
  • Garments made for other people in my family: 7
  • Home Dec items: 2
  • 'Donations': 1
  • Muslins: 2
  • Things made for friends: 1
  • Miscellaneous Church-Related Sewing:
  • Team Effort: 5 baptismal robes 

  • I barely sewed one third of the fabric I purchased, which happens to be the highest yearly fabric acquisition since 2007  --  nearly twice what I bought in 2010 -- coupled with my lowest cumulative production since I started tracking this stuff back in '03.

    Not sure why I felt so compelled to purchase so much fabric when I wasn't sewing that much; I don't know if I haven't really gotten my brain around the fact that my available sewing time has cut dramatically with the part time job (which I've been on for 3 years now; it's about time my subconscious got a clue) or if I was just caught up in dreaming.  Still, 74% of my sewing was from new purchases, so I did work at sewing what was coming in.  I just had way more coming in than I could keep up with.

    And, part of the issue was, of course, the weight thing that made fitting a challenge.  TNTs suddenly weren't very True any more, and I didn't have time available to redraft and retest.

    Hence the large number of knit garments in last years 'finished' list.

    So...what about the new year?
    In my heart, I know I can NOT purchase fabric at the rate I was buying last year.  And if my sewing doesn't increase, I really don't need to purchase any fabric for the next 24 months.

    Can I just say...not realistic? as she laughs just a little hysterically...

    So, I made a deal with myself.  I will allow myself to purchase up to the amount I sewed *this* year, providing I *need* the fabric made up immediately.

    Oh, that will be hard.  But, in all honesty, I have a large stash of VERY lovely fabric.  Aside from something unforseen (such as a new color for church choir), I should be able to sew pretty much from stash.

    And make some pretty things.  Especially knits...at least for the first few months.  Who knows...I may yet figure out a SWAP wardrobe...


    1. I wound up pulling all the fabric I wanted to use out, piling it on my living room floor and then matching them to other pieces, with a 2 to 1 ratio of top weight to bottom weight.

      I found I had a lot more dresses to make then separates. That's about it for my SWAP, the fabric going to be made first will work with what I have (or need to buy like t-shirts and jeans)and work with each other. I just find the whole SWAP boring and too restrictive.

      I hope you can figure it out and be happy with your own plan!

    2. SWAP has its downside; that's true. I think it works best for people who 1)sew fast or 2)Love working w/ a structured plan. I sew pretty fast, once I get going, so I can grit my teeth a bit to stay with the plan. But I don't do all the fancy schmancy artwork to start off; I do a spreadsheet w/garment type, pattern and fabric choice and construction points (pattern prepped/fabric prepped/ cut out/completed), w/ a final garment value. So far all I've done is created the spreadsheet w/a tentative list of garments...eee... ;-)