Sunday, May 15, 2011

Choir Wardrobe Returns

So, yeah, these are not the best photos...but I'm giving up waiting until I take good pictures.
We have services on Saturday night AND Sunday now; we've split the choir so that we rotate who is supposed to be there which day, in an effort to avoid burnout. ;)
But, since our kids volunteer in children's ministries we end up being at church for all 4 services most weekends. So we're usually in choir both Saturday and Sunday.

We happened to be *scheduled* to sing Saturday night...but it just so happened Saturday was a day to get hitched; we had three weddings amongst our membership. We attended the one that was latest in the day, at another venue, and skipped the reception because we were on Saturday's schedule and suspicioned that the choir would be a little skimpy. Turned out that suspicion was well-founded; I switched parts so that My Sweet Baboo and I comprised the tenor section. My throat still feels a little sore today...

We changed at church from wedding-appropriate clothes to the 'bluejeans and...' that is our typical choir attire now.

All of that is to explain why the photo from Saturday, taken after we got home Saturday night, looks a little frizzy-headed. ;-)

Anyway. This month, we are wearing black, gray and yellow, with jeans. I'm wearing Lee bootcut jeans, even if the bootcut flare doesn't show up in photographs, in both pictures. Saturday, I paired the jeans with the Christine Jonson Basewear 2 top and the Jalie cardigan of The Double Twinset, made from the most marvelous of rayon/lycra jerseys from Gorgeous Fabrics. I have not seen its like anywhere else. (Note to Ann: if you EVER get any more of this stuff in any other colors, please let me know!!! I want some!!)

On Sunday, I wore my latest completion...Simplicity 2603, from gray sparkly jersey knit from one of last month's additions to the stash and one of my old faithfuls, my black rayon-blend herringbone suiting Bistro Jacket

And some yellow plastic jewelry, to add the third color.



  1. Yikes! And I thought two services on Sunday morning was a lot. Usually we don't sing in both services, but there are times when we've been asked to sing at the 8:00a, as well as the 10:45a. Love the pop of yellow - just enough to be interesting without looking like a daffodil.

  2. Actually, the choir usually doesn't sing first service on Sunday morning...just 2nd and 3rd. But I teach a class during the 8 AM service, so we're there. ;)