Monday, April 11, 2011

...Some Assembly Required

I bought two tops, a jeans jacket and a knit dress from

You do see them there, right?

I've figured out that's pretty much how I purchase fabric...I see something, and instead of seeing work to do, I see the finished garment. More or less, anyway.

Trouble is, after the purchase arrives, I still need to do some work.

I don't mind doing it, but time is something I seem to be short of now. Specially since I'm trying to get back into my regular activity levels and I'm finding that many, many things are backed up and behind.

But we're wearing gray in choir this month and next month; I've been mulling over a gray denim jacket for awhile and when I saw this on the site, well, I couldn't pass it up. The gray knit on the far left has a bit of silver sparkle to it and will work for multiple months,'ll be another Simplicity 2603 shell top. I bought the yellow because I decided I could stand to have one yellow top (yes, yellow is the other color next month). I thought I'd make just a little Jalie 965 tank, for layering, but it's a very soft, almost sweatery knit. Too bulky for a bottom layer, I think. Plus, a pre-wash laundry mishap after the picture was taken left it pilled up with lint from blue flannel sheets (*I* wasn't the one who put them in the dryer together...) I'm going to see if I can get it de-pilled before I confront the guilty party. If I can get it de-fuzzed, I'm thinking that it might work better as a Loes Hinse Sweater Set Shell. *If* I can get it de-fuzzed...

The print is a yummy rayon/lycra print; it's going to be a knit dress. I'm trying to get some dresses into my wardrobe; I have been too frustrated at not having a dress I can put on at odd times. So I've picked up some knit dress patterns recently...this will be one.

All soon, I hope. ;-)


  1. Nice stuff! I think I have that same yellow; I'm not sure what I'll do with it, either. I'm hoping Burda will publish an interesting knit top in the next few months, or I'll have to go through my current pattern collection.

  2. I'm thinking I might have that blue print in my stash. I guess I should look, huh ...

  3. You've got some awfully nice almost clothes there! ;)