Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too Lazy to Link

I had to pick up a blue zipper from Hancock's today, and I discovered that Simplicity patterns were on sale for a dollar each (limit 10). Needless to say, I made sure I took advantage of that! However, I'm too lazy to link up a bunch of patterns tonight, so I'm cheating with a group shot...

Since I've been lamenting the lack of dresses in my summer wardrobe,6 out of the 7 patterns I purchased were dresses.

In all fairness, a couple of these will likely be made for for one of the Daughters; I'm thinking the Cynthia Rowley might be good for the Flute Player, and 2362 is on the short list for possible bridesmaids dresses. But, when they're a buck's not a huge splurge.

As for me, I'm delighted to see some of the 'fit n flare' styles returning; I have two or three pieces of rayon crepe in the stash that have been there since the LAST time these styles were popular back in the '90's. Got 'em to to use with a pattern that looked terribly dated to me before I got them made up. So they've just been sitting the the bins. Now they *might* just see the light of day... ;)

And I *might* get around to actually trying one of my growing collection of Amazing Fit patterns.

Not that I haven't been doing a wee bit of sewing; I'm sitting here wearing the newest addition to the wardrobe, some deep fuschia Burda No-Side-Seam knit pants, which are pared up with the pink flowered Burda top I made in January. Wouldn't be caught dead in this outfit outside of my front door, but for lounging jammies on a coolish April evening...perfect....

But, those were unbelievably quick to sew up; projects that need more time are languishing. I'm feeling all inspired to sew (who wouldn't, after a New Pattern haul like that?)...just need time!!


  1. I'm working on 2174 right now. I eliminated the pockets. It has a nice line to it I think.

  2. I'm thinking I'm gonna try to do 2174 for the Flute Player for Easter; I picked up some printed rayon challis at Hancock's, too, just for that purpose...if she doesn't pinch her nose at it! She's out of town on a youth group trip this weekend and doesn't know what I'm cooking up for her. ;-)