Friday, February 11, 2011

Color Change...

The Princess was working on her 'save the date' announcements last night; playing with the colors and printing samples. She told me that Prince Charming didn't really care for the blue color she'd originally planned to use as the accent color in the ceremony, which she'd used for the first samples of the Save-the-Date, so they'd changed to a soft orange, which would be more fall-like.

I basically smiled and said, 'That's nice, dear, we'll need to talk about your bridesmaids dresses soon.' and forgot about it.

(Backing up: I just realized I never blogged about my decision for the MOB dress; probably because I made up my mind while I was off line. I decided to go w/ the Kay Unger dress, Vogue 1182, and I envisioned it in a silk dupioni, cross woven w/ silver and either royal blue or turquoise, which would blend well with the silver and cerulean blue color scheme she'd picked. I didn't know if I could find such a fabric, but I figured I had a bit of time to try...)

Until this morning, while I was making my weekly pass through my favorite fabric vendors, looking for my 'hope-this-exists' silk dupioni, when it suddenly hit me that they'd dropped blue from the plan and my pick might not work.

So I'm back to square one on my fabric choices.

Sigh. I don't know what she's planning to use besides the orange now; I don't know what my options are.

Ah, well, there's time, there's time...


  1. Blue is a complimentary color to orange if you really want to do blue. Sara went with red in her wedding which suited me just fine (I like red!) :) Weddings are a lot of work, but we've moved on to Grandparenthood...couldn't be happier!!!

  2. That dress is a stunner I'm sure in any color!!! You'll look fabulous in it no matter what! I hope you find something you like sooner than you need too.


  3. Hmmm . . I can see you in the blue, and you'd look great with your coloring, but, since it looks like the color palette is changing, maybe something else. How about a beautiful burgundy or wine color? That's still within the fall palette, but would be flattering with your skin and hair.

    Do check out for all colors of dupioni. I have almost all the colors in samples because I bought the sample kit. If you want to see the colors live, I'd be happy to ship down my samples to you to borrow.

  4. Oh, thanks Summerset! I'll got check that site! Re the colors...I need to talk to the Princess and see what she thinks. Originally, she was doing silver, with black and cerulean blue. But if she's changed the blue to soft orange, well, I don't know if the rest has changed as well. Maybe I can get by with a burgundy... ;)